Adult Literacy

Statistically, 1 in 6 adults in England struggle to read, and 7.6% are unable to read basic safety signs, travel information, medical instructions and food labels; that equates to about 8,000 non-readers and 20,000 struggling readers in Ipswich alone.

LTR has set up partner charity, Read Easy Ipswich, to start to deal with this challenge at scale, focusing on the disadvantaged areas of the town.
Read Easy Ipswich can offer FREE, 1 to 1 confidential coaching on a regular (once or twice) weekly basis, and in a location where the reader can feel safe and secure. All you need to do is ring 07736 579 963, and the REI Coordinator will set up the pairing with a fully trained volunteer coach.

We are particularly keen to help parents to gain enough reading skills to be able to read with their children.

We also partner with Got to Read

The approach of Read Easy Ipswich is firmly based on the methods of
the leading adult literacy charity in the UK, Read Easy UK and the Shannon Trust.

Here are some more stories of the impact on people, from the Read Easy UK website:

Vicky's Story

The Challenge for Society

The major problem is that struggling readers will rarely admit that they can't read.

Society needs to make it clear that it is not their fault that they can't read, it is not that they lack intelligence. Everyone has the RIGHT to READ

LTR has, over the last 3.5 years developed a very comprehensive range of referral points across Ipswich, where agencies and charities come into contact with members of the public who often need help with forms and other important documents. Our referral points include:
>Housing Officers, Job Centre, 40 Early years settings, 19 schools
>HomeStart, ICENI, UK Babies, Citizen's Advice Bureau
>Doctors' Surgeries via Social Prescribing

We particularly want to engage with parents of young children, so that we can help them to learn to read with their babies and infants.

Adult Literacy

Pictures courtesy of Read Easy UK

Teach a Friend to Read

It is possible for a reader to teach someone else to read by using a simple Phonics-based scheme "Teach a Friend to Read" (TaFTR).

LTR gives away these TaFTR manuals to the disadvantaged communities of Ipswich via libraries, schools, early years settings and partnering agencies.

We would happily supply them to workplaces as well if requested (see the page footer for contact details)

If you want to read more, here's a link to TaFTR