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This page contains useful information about literacy aspects and the operation of the Let's talk Reading charity.

The literacy aspects cover references to Best Practice, Case Studies and research which may be helpful to professionals

The LTR information should provide confidence to existing and potential funders.

LTR Case Studies

1. Reading at the Heart of the Curriculum Case Study
Putting Reading at the Heart of the Primary Curriculum: The Oaks Primary Academy
The Oaks Case Study

2. Screening Case Study
The Impact of Retained Primitive Reflexes, and issues with visual processing and sensory integration on Primary Pupils' Reading and concentration: Castle Hill Primary Academy
Castle Hill Case Study

3. Gifting Books Case Study
Our approach to getting books into disadvantaged homes and some of the feedback we have obtained:
Gifting Books Case Study

*4. Storytime Case Study
Our approach to engaging nursery-age children in the wonders of books and being read to, whilst demonstrating the benefits of reading to parents and early years settings staff:
Storytime Case Study

Literacy Best Practice and Research References

National and international information

National Literacy Trust Resources

The Impact of Low Literacy on Adults

Case Studies and videos from Read Easy UK

Videos below.

Dona's Story

Let's Talk Reading Information

Progress Reports to Ipswich Borough Council's Area Committees

LTR Annual Accounts Trustees' 2019/20 Annual Report

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