Our Key Partners

LTR believes firmly in working with existing strong local partners wherever possible.

This gives the potential not only for use of vital local knowledge, but also provides greater hope of a long-term sustained focus on Ipswich's challenges and develops strong local team-play.

Our key partners are:

  • Local adult literacy charity Read Easy Ipswich
  • Suffolk Babies
  • The Multi-Sensory Training Centre based near Colchester
  • 40 Early Years settings across Ipswich including the Children's Centres
  • 15 Ipswich schools
  • Local adult literacy charity Got to Read (Ring: 07528 147654)

Our Funders

We are totally dependent on the generosity of a small number of funders.

We are indebted to the following:

  • Ipswich Borough Council and its Area Committees who have supported us for the last 3 years.
  • Ipswich Opportunity Area for making us a (the only local) contractor to its Early Years programme in 2019/20
  • Suffolk Community Foundation and several of their constituent funding committees for support since 2018
  • A local anonymous charity which has provided us with essential "seed crystal" funding for each of the last 3 years.
  • Suffolk County Council who's Raising the Bar programme enabled us to help 10 local schools in 2016/17
  • Several Suffolk County Councillors have helped us from their Locality budgets
  • A local anonymous sponsor who is passionate about improving local literacy.
  • Gainsborough Community People's Forum (now defunct) and the Health Trust

Useful Links

You may find the following links useful for more information, solutions, resources and research: