About Us

About Us

Let's Talk Reading intends to eradicate low literacy in Ipswich.

Statistically, 1 in 6 adults in England struggle with reading and 7.6% are unable to read basic safety signs, medicine instructions, travel information and food labels.

That equates to 8,000 adults in Ipswich who basically can't read and 20,000 who struggle with reading. This lack of skill has a very damaging effect on their wellbeing, employability, social mobility and life-expectancy.

We suspect that the majority of these struggling readers, by definition, will be in the disadvantaged half of the population; in other words, we can expect to find 1 in 3 of adults in disadvantaged areas struggling with reading and about 15% who cannot read!!

So think about the consequences of this on your town

About Us

Let's Talk Reading's approach is to:

  • Address the problem of low literacy from birth to adulthood.
  • Focus on the disadvantaged areas of Ipswich.
  • Investigate the reasons why so many children are still failing to learn to read and attempt to focus solutions onto each area of failure, each "leak in the pipe".
  • Partner with agencies, charities, nurseries, Children's Centres and schools to bring solutions to the problems and enable these solutions to be delivered within the target disadvantaged areas.
  • Raise general political and public awareness of the problem, its scale and its impact on individuals, communities and the economy of the Town.

LTR Beneficiaries in 20/21

The table summarises the number of beneficiaries of LTR's activities during this financial year to end March 2021.

Children Parents/Adults Professional Staff Volunteers Total Volunteer Hours
5045 3452 0 32 8529 490

LTR Beneficiaries in 2019/20

This table summarises the number of beneficiaries of the work of LTR and its sister charity, Read Easy Ipswich

Children Parents/Adults Professional staff Volunteers TOTAL Volunteer Hours
2198 1036 273 53 3551 1723