Read Easy Ipswich

Read Easy Ipswich

Pictures courtesy of Read Easy UK

Read Easy Ipswich is entirely run and delivered by volunteers, all passionately committed to helping people who need to improve their reading.

It was set up by LTR during 2018 with the help of the leading adult literacy charity, Read Easy UK, and is based on their processes and policies, and the method developed by the Shannon Trust..

REI has now trained over 30 coaches and is working with "Readers" in all parts of Ipswich.

REI uses the Shannon Trust scheme of phonics-based manuals and simple books to take each Reader through a step-by-step course at a pace that suits the individual.
This usually takes place at two 30 minute sessions per week, and takes between 3 and 18 months to enable any struggling reader to read.

These coaching sessions are entirely FREE, take place on a one-to-one basis, not in a class, and are confidential and held in a safe place where the reader will feel comfortable and secure.

LTR has funded REI to date and works to find referral points for "Readers" across Ipswich.

How to get help with your Reading

RING: 07736 579 963


Read Easy Ipswich
Read Easy Ipswich

Helping Early Years Staff to improve their literacy

LTR is working with the Ipswich Opportunity Area to offer staff access to 1 to 1 free coaching to improve their literacy, and specifically to help them read daily to the children in their care.

This coaching will be carried out by Read Easy Ipswich volunteers.

Read Easy Ipswich

The READ EASY Ipswich core TEAM

How to become a COACH

If you want to become an REI Coach ring 07736 579 963

Someone from REI will talk you through the scale of the commitment, the training available, how the scheme works and provide you with an Application Form.

Come and join our existing team of over 30 coaches!!

To understand more about the method and manuals go to Shannon Trust Scheme

Meet the REI Team

Read Easy Ipswich

Alison Stewart-Wheeler MBE

Alison is the Chair of the Management Team and leads REI

Read Easy Ipswich

Jenny Rivett

Jenny is our Lead Coordinator